Monday, December 11, 2000

For today...till tommorow
You may forget but I may not
How could you think that I forgot?

The day when I lost all faith in life
The day you kicked me out of your life

The day that taught me what am I
What I couldn't and what can I

The day when I cried the most in my life
The day when you became someone else's wife

The day when I lost my love galore
Though you had lost it long before

The day when I wept like a child who felt lost
Away from the home in the chilly frost

The day when I celebrated my downfall
Not alone but with all

The day when you got what you want
A place of your own with the holy chant

At least you were i thought
What was least one of us got

When I still look back ...I am still confused
What did I lack that i was refused

This day symbolises...happiness for you
My heart cries out...GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!

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